Have You Heard of a Wellness Room at Work? Here's Why You Need One

Posted by Neopath Health on May 16, 2023 9:32:00 AM

Companies in every industry are investing in the health and well-being of their employees, and it's easy to see why. Healthcare is complex and hard to navigate, and the pandemic brought the importance of employee mental health into the spotlight. Employers can prioritize this in many ways, including adding a wellness room at work.

As you explore the range of employee health and wellness options available, we recommend you put an employee wellness room high on your list. These flexible spaces are known to:

To help you assess whether an employee wellness room at work is a good fit, read this post to learn how a wellness room supports employees' physical and mental health and helps your team navigate other challenges related to their health.


4 reasons why you need an employee wellness room at work

Employees feel more valued and happier when they feel cared for at work and have tools available to help them manage their stress and anxiety. In turn, this boosts their confidence, performance, and contributions.


Reason #1: Taking care of their physical health

Let's start with physical health and how a wellness room at work can support your team. Let's say you have an employee recovering from an injury and must rest daily. A wellness room gives them a private place to care for themselves. 


Reason #2: Managing stress and caring for their mental health

Work can be stressful, no matter your role. Deadlines, performance expectations, and problems crop up out of nowhere. A wellness room at work can play an essential role in supporting mental health by offering a place to: 

  • Meditate or sit quietly to reground and recenter during the workday
  • Practice breathwork to reduce stress and anxiety levels
  • Do some light movement like stretching, tai chi, or mobility work
  • Find solitude or have a moment to yourself to recharge


Reason #3: Navigating life stages

Companies are required to offer a space for working moms to nurse, but wellness rooms can be used for more than nursing. For example, most of us will experience significant life changes during our working years – whether that's becoming pregnant, adjusting to being a new parent, or grieving the loss of a loved one. As your employees try to balance work with life during these stages, they'll appreciate having a quiet and private place they can go.


Reason #4: Taking a break from workplace stimulation

Many workplaces are highly active spaces with bright lights, people moving about, and even the din of machinery and equipment. For some employees, this constant exposure can become overstimulating – especially for people who are neurodivergent and or who are sensitive to activity or noise. Again, a wellness room at work offers a moment of respite that prepares the employee to return to work rested and ready to tackle the rest of their to-do list.


How to get started on your employee wellness room at work

There's no perfect formula for how to create a wellness room at work. Instead, your goal should be to provide a private yet easy-to-access place where employees can take a moment for themselves. All you need is the following:

  • Space with soundproofing to mask noise outside and maintain privacy inside
  • Furniture that's comfortable to sit and lay on
  • Lighting that's soft and gives people a break from bright overhead lights

With the basics in place, you can add extras like plants, music, or even snacks and beverages. The only thing we don't recommend including is technology (other than the system you use to schedule the space).


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