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Posted by Joe McErlane on Feb 13, 2019 9:09:00 AM

NeoPath is a service-based provider, family owned and operated since 2008. We specialize in cultivating relationships with our clients and patients to meet their unique needs. This rings especially true when it comes to the discussion of our pricing and your clinic costs. The primary reason the company was created was to help companies and their employees gain control over rising healthcare costs. As a strategic partner, our goal is to help turn healthcare from a cost into a competitive advantage. Below is a breakdown of things to know about our pricing.


NeoPath's Pricing is Upfront

Before any work begins, we sit down with your team and discuss your needs down to the last detail. [Read more about our role in the implementation process here.] We're able to help you evaluate the types of care offerings your workforce may need and can demonstrate options and make recommendations on the best ways to set everything up. We will never force you to choose between out-of-the-box selections. We are able and willing to discuss options for you to start small and build over time as you begin to see returns. 

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NeoPath's Pricing is Transparent

NeoPath offers complete transparency. We work through a management service agreement where we charge a set management fee for our backroom services, and everything else that happens with the clinic, equipment, medications, office supplies are all passed through directly to your company at cost, with zero markup.  You have the ability to see every single invoice that we've paid. You will also have access to monthly reporting that includes utilization, cost, and ROI, as well as patient survey results and comments.

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NeoPath's Pricing is Customizable 

If you scour the internet, you may find that it's difficult to find pricing for onsite clinics online. One of the primary reasons for that is simply because companies come in all shapes and sizes. The needs of each employee group is unique, therefore, no two clinics are going to be setup exactly the same or have exactly the same offerings. One company might have a smaller budget and may prefer to join another company in an existing near-site clinic, the next company may have an endless budget and want to do a full, custom build out of a private onsite clinic.

NeoPath's pricing

Some providers offer more customization than others, and NeoPath is one of those providers (which makes us the best provider in Minnesota). We sit down with you to discuss your ideas and plans in-depth, then we get to work and figure out the best solution for your needs, your budget, and your timeline.

NeoPath's Pricing is Separate from Insurance

Your agreement with NeoPath operates between your company and ours, completely separate from insurance companies. Some larger health systems are offering onsite clinic services as a means of pulling people into their additional services, such as insurance. NeoPath decided to remain separated from that type of setup as it allows us to remain independent and focused on the needs of your employees. This means there is no underlying incentive to refer out to specialists. We attempt to do as much as possible within the clinic walls to keep patient's treatment streamlined and keep costs down. Our referral rates are on average around 10% compared to the industry average of 30%.

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Now that you know a bit of what to expect when it comes to NeoPath's pricing, we would love to have a further conversation with you to provide a customized quote. Contact us to get started.

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