8 Ways an Onsite Clinic Can Help with Recruitment and Retention

Posted by Joe McErlane on Mar 20, 2019 7:36:00 PM

Onsite clinics are beneficial to employers that offer them in countless ways, including greater employee retention and recruitment. Here are a few reasons onsite clinics help with finding and keeping top tier talent.

Onsite Clinic help with Recruitment and Retention

1. Onsite Clinics Create Wellness Buy-In

If the approach to employee health and wellness starts at the very top and becomes ingrained in the company culture, everyone is more likely to buy-in to the idea and benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Implementing an onsite clinic is a great way to demonstrate that the company as a whole is invested in the wellness of all who work there.

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2. Onsite Clinics Increase Employee Satisfaction

95% of employers who have implemented an onsite clinic state they have at least partially met their goal of increasing employee satisfaction by offering the clinic. Employees enjoy convenience, cost savings, and benefits from having access that allows them to live a healthier lifestyle. [Click here to read about more benefits.]

3. Onsite Clinics Inspire a Healthy Lifestyle

80% of employers offering an onsite clinic state the clinic improves access to care for their employees, and 70% claim they have helped to improve employee health overall. Healthy employees tend to be more alert and productive which can lead to better work performance.

Onsite clinics help employee retention

4. Onsite Clinics Drive More Employee Referrals

Current employee referrals are one of the greatest recruiting tools available to your HR department. In today's competitive hiring environment, the benefits a company offers tends to weigh just as much if not more than salary. An onsite clinic is something your employees can get their prospective referrals excited about.

5. Onsite Clinics Enhance Company Culture

An onsite clinic tends to be just a piece of an overall company-wide focus on health and wellness. A strong, positive, and prevalent company culture increases employee engagement which leads to greater retention rates.

6. Onsite Clinics Increase Employee Productivity

95% of employers state they at least partially met their goal of increased productivity due to their clinic. One of the primary reasons for the increase in productivity was a reduction in absenteeism for employee trips to the doctor or for sick leave.

7. Onsite Clinics Create More Competitive Benefits

It's becoming more difficult and more expensive for employers to offer excellent health benefits to employees. An onsite clinic where employees are able to receive care free or at an extremely reduced cost will put your company ahead of the competition that are offering high-cost health plans.

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8. Onsite Clinics Increase Employee Engagement

75% of employers offering onsite clinics have increased employee engagement with their worksite health programs. Over 2/3's of those employers reported this as a top priority for their programs as increased engagement leads to higher productivity and increased employee satisfaction.




Statistics for this article are from the 2014 National Survey of Onsite Clinic Operations and Policies collected by the National Association of Workplace Health Clinics.

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