NeoPath Healthcare Heroes: Michelle Thompson

Posted by Joe McErlane on Nov 2, 2020 2:43:11 PM

When you think of healthcare professionals, you likely think of doctors and nurses, but here at NeoPath, our Healthcare Heroes go beyond just our clinicians. Our clinics and operations wouldn’t be what they are without our receptionists, medical assistants, and support staff that ensure everything runs smoothly. 

NeoPath Healthcare Heroes is a way for us to recognize ALL of our healthcare professionals and say thank you to the heroes that sometimes go unthanked- the ones who ensure patients get the care and attention they need and deserve. Healthcare and NeoPath wouldn’t be the same without them!

NeoPath Healthcare Heroes_ Michelle Thompson


This month’s honoree is Michelle Thompson! Michelle is the Medical Receptionist/Medical Assistant at our Cedar Ridge Health Center and has worked in healthcare for over 11 years. Her healthcare journey started early on when she became a hospice volunteer when she was in high school and has continued volunteering throughout her community ever since.


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Michelle's “Why” 

Growing up, Michelle always had a passion and desire to help others, which is clear from her early days of volunteering. “I have always had a passion for healthcare and continue to love what I do in healthcare. Caring for others will always be my passion in life,” she said. 

“Michelle has been integral to the success of the Cedar Ridge Health Center. Her bright smile, calm and warm demeanor, and ability to manage both the front desk and assist with clinical care make her the perfect fit for this important role,” said Katie Halsne, RN, Director of Clinical Operations at NeoPath Health. “We can’t thank her enough for being an incredible team member, helping out where needed, and supporting all aspects of the clinic. We are so lucky to work with her!”


The Best Part of Michelle's Job 

We asked Michelle if it was possible to narrow down the best part of her job, aside from her joy from helping and caring for others. She said easily the best part was, “Working for a company that is appreciative of you.” We couldn’t agree more; appreciation makes all the difference. She went on to say that she loves working for a company that is always praising people and thanking them for their hard work.


Michelle's Real-Life Hero

When asked about her real-life hero, Michelle said without a doubt; hers was her mom. “No matter what I do, the mistakes I make, or what I say, she has loved me for who I am and whom I’ve become,” said Michelle. “No matter how big or little the disagreements are, I can always count on her to resolve the issue. I give credit to my mom for my hard work ethic, as she works countless hours daily. I don’t know how she does it. I hope to become half the woman she is.”

Congratulations, Michelle! We can’t thank you enough for all that you do for patients, your team, and healthcare as a whole. Thanks for being our real-life hero!

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