3 Ways Employers Can Improve Their Employee Mental Health Services

Posted by Neopath Health on Oct 26, 2022 10:00:00 AM

Wondering about the state of employee mental health in the U.S.? In the simplest terms, it’s not good. In fact, in its 2022 State of Workforce Mental Health, Corporate Wellness Magazine found that 84% of workers surveyed experienced at least one mental health challenge over the past year.

This stark reality has many employers wondering how they can better support their teams. If you want to be known as an employer that values employee wellbeing and is taking steps to respond to the current mental health crisis, the following are three ways you can improve your employee mental health services.

Employee mental health services tip #1: create a culture of mental health openness

For decades, a stigma was associated with discussing mental health challenges in the workplace – especially if work-related stress was a contributing factor. But the broad challenges we collectively faced during the pandemic have started to change that.

Start by looking at how you talk about mental health in the workplace. Are your leaders comfortable discussing stress, anxiety, depression, and burnout? Do they know the signs of burnout to look for? Are they willing to share their struggles?

The more you acknowledge mental health issues, the more psychologically and emotionally safe your employees will feel taking advantage of the support tools you offer.

Employee mental health services tip #2: take a close look at your benefits

A fresh review of your benefits package is another area to focus on.

  • Does your health insurance have generous mental health coverage?
  • Are there options for telehealth?
  • Can employees choose their providers?
  • Have you reviewed your EAP to evaluate their ability to handle a mental health crisis?

Beyond your benefits package, also look at your workplace policies.

  • Do you offer flexible working arrangements?
  • How about adequate time off for employees at every level?
  • Are your attendance policies overly rigid?

Talk to your team and see if any current policies are causing them stress, and make adjustments as needed. Imagine the signal this would send your team.

Employee mental health services tip #3: expand your mental health programming

If you set out to add additional mental health programming, we’ve found it helpful to offer a range of delivery options so employees can choose what works for them. For example:

  • Self-study or on-demand options can help employees privately focus on essential skills – like stress management, mindfulness, or setting boundaries. They self-identify where they want to focus and then complete skill-building independently at their own pace.

  • Group workshops and classes pair colleagues who want to work on similar challenges but prefer a group setting. This helps people learn more about each other and find new ways to support their colleagues while improving their skills.

    Another option is to offer wellness classes like yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, or even QiJong and TaiChi. These can provide a mental and emotional break from work and create community among employees. And don’t forget to include a virtual option so employees can benefit no matter where they are.

  • One-on-one counseling is an option for companies with an onsite clinic or wellness facility. For example, NeoPath provides clients with real-time, one-on-one support when employees need it. Services are delivered by highly skilled, licensed therapists for scheduled blocks of dedicated availability. Scheduling is simple, and our tailored offerings are designed to meet your company's specific needs.

Employee mental health services have never been more important

In a WTW poll conducted in 2022, 87% of U.S. employers said enhancing mental health benefits is a key priority. You can start by looking critically at your current benefits package, creating a culture that welcomes and supports mental health conversations, and being open to introducing new types of wellness programming.

In addition to these measures, consistently communicating your mental health support services is critical to ensure high awareness and strong adoption.



NeoPath can help with your company’s approach to health

At NeoPath, we believe there’s a better way to deliver healthcare to your employees and their families. For over a decade, we’ve helped mid-market companies design and build onsite primary care clinics.

In response to the current mental health crisis, Neopath Health offers our customers onsite mental health services powered by Good Human Work. They provide licensed therapists who deliver emotional, relational, and organizational health services.

Want to offer your team this level of support? Let’s get started.

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