Supporting Our Clients Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted by Joe McErlane on Apr 16, 2020 8:49:42 AM

In a time of so much uncertainty, many of us are being asked to stay home and wait while healthcare professionals are being called to do quite the opposite. The healthcare system is needed now more than ever. 

Supporting Our Clients Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

NeoPath is created for companies that want to establish, empower and elevate their healthcare initiatives with the common denominator of investing in the well-being of their employees. This hasn’t changed. We are here and continue to be a resource to our clients and their employees. 

NeoPath and our onsite care teams have taken several steps to offer continued support and keep our partners and their employees safe during this challenging time. Here are some of the actions we’re taking.

Following CDC guidelines

All of our onsite clinics are open and running operations based on CDC guidelines. As a result, they’re limiting patient volume and caring for those with complex chronic conditions and acute needs that are not COVID-19 related.

Private triage line

Clinics have established a private COVID-19 triage line that is staffed by a NeoPath RN during regular business hours. The triage nurse is able to efficiently screen for COVID-19 risk factors and symptoms and recommend a course of action to protect the patient and the community.

Drive-up services

Clinics are refilling prescriptions and offering drive-up service so that patients may safely receive their medication without exposure to others. More importantly, they are also offering drive-up testing at one of our clinics in partnership with a client who received a grant for testing and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). 

Neopath clinic

Using EMR

To limit the number of patients coming into the clinics, they are utilizing our EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system to conduct video visits. That way, those who can’t or don’t need to come into the clinic can still connect with their NeoPath Provider virtually. 

Regular “check-ins”

In an effort to be proactive, clinics are calling patients and their family members and doing “check-ins” – reconnecting, educating and offering support. We are reaching out to our most vulnerable and complex patients first to ensure that their care needs are met during this difficult time.

Working as consultants

NeoPath works as consultants, assisting our clients as they navigate the latest CDC guidelines for their workforce.

Providing support to employees returning to work

Clinics are taking temperatures and screening employees who may have been exposed to COVID-19, but may still be able to return to work. They are also offering return to work notes for employees who have been off with COVID-19 related symptoms. 

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Medical supply orders

NeoPath is ordering medical supplies for clients through our vendors – such as electrostatic cleaning equipment, masks, thermometers, etc. We have been able to source these necessary items at a reduced cost and with expedited delivery so that our client partners can continue to run their businesses effectively while complying with CDC employer guidelines.

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